Thursday, March 30

When the husband goes to the office, the wife is having fun with strangers at home.

Kathmandu. Extramarital affairs have caused problems in many homes. Another man has lost his life due to dissatisfaction with his family.

A man has died when he jumped from the fifth floor while fleeing after her husband arrived while she was having a romance by inviting another man to her house.

The incident took place in Delhi, India. حكم القمار The man, who was living in JJ Colony in Tigris area of ​​South Delhi, was found by the woman’s husband in critical condition.

Forgetting to knock on the door, they were hugging each other. ألعاب فلوس At the same time, she did not even know that her husband had come.

When she saw her husband at the door, the men hurried from the fifth floor of the building. He was taken to hospital in a critical condition.

But even though he was taken to the hospital, his life was not spared. The wife, who tried to leave the body after her husband saw the red hand, was saved. مسلسلات كرة قدم

The woman was rescued by her husband and her boyfriend. This situation happened when the husband called another man at the house while he was out of the house.

The husband, who had gone out, returned home without informing his wife. They were rejoicing when they were not locked inside the room. Police have seized the mobile phones of the three and are continuing their investigation.

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