Friday, March 24

Reaching Jhapa, Rekha Thapa said, “Women are not confined to the hearth. I want to see the country run. Give me a chance to be a servant.”

Rekha Thapa, central member of RPP-N, said that her party would take charge of the infrastructure of development. What is the need of the people, what is the problem? We have watched closely.

We are serious about such problems. “She lamented the use of dozers by the people’s representatives in the houses of the squatters.” The squatters are also citizens of the area. العب واكسب

She expressed the bitter reality that the people were saddened by the people’s representatives sent by the people. She said that a happy spring was seen on the faces of Amanepali brothers after she joined RPP. يورو2022

“I urge you to join the nationalist party and work for the development of the country,” she said. “Women are not confined to the hearth, I want to see the country run,” she said in the middle of a large public meeting.

But it requires everyone’s handshake. ‘I have seen many sisters dreamless. استراتيجية رمي الكرة Our party ensures skills and education. Rekha Thapa has not come to gather the crowd. Art has made it easy for me to live. Now our responsibility is to build the country. This is my commitment, “she said.

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