Thursday, March 23

Election: Prachanda’s daughter Renu Dahal’s ‘open challenge’ to the Congress, the situation has worsened

Kathmandu. The ruling coalition has decided to go to the polls together, but the scenario is not only a sign of a fight for ticket distribution but also a scenario for the alliance to break up.

As the local level election date is approaching, there is a battle in the ruling coalition over who will lead the six metropolitan cities. In particular, the Nepali Congress and the CPN-Maoist have made the Bharpur Metropolitan City of Chitwan the subject of the establishment.

Chairman of the UCPN (M) Center Pushpa Kamal Dahal has done everything from coordinating with the Center to make his daughter the mayor of Bharatpur to threatening the local leaders and activists of the Nepali Congress.

Forgetting that it was the local cadres who cast their votes, Dahal said that the Chitwan Congress had nothing to do with electoral coordination in the Bharatpur metropolis.

Meanwhile, Dahal’s daughter and Bharatpur metropolitan mayor Renu Dahal has also expressed her displeasure over the Congress cadres. In an online interview, she said that there was no question of taking turns as the Congress had left the mayoral post in Bharatpur for its own benefit even in the 2014 election.

“We need Bharatpur, the Congress is an alliance, isn’t it? موقع مراهنات كرة القدم مجانًا ” She asked. Another thing is that the alliance (Congress) did not get anything. You may have left it to the mayor for more benefit!

He also said that the Congress did not leave the mayor out of love for Renu Dahal. He was ready not to give up as it would be more beneficial than that. They led the country. Renu Dahal is rumored to have been released out of love.

That is not true in any sense, ”he said. He said that he would make more claims as he had worked for five years when others claimed that he would take more of the six metropolitan areas.

We have shown by working in Bharatpur, we have a base. “Our bottom line is that we will not leave Bharatpur,” she said. دمنو He claims that his name is like Nirvikalpa in the Maoist center. 1xbet pc

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