Sunday, September 24

The show of ‘A Mero Hazur 4’ has opened, ticket sales have started with the opening of the show!

Kathmandu: The show of the movie ‘A Mero Hazur 4’, which will be released on April 1, has opened. With the opening of the show in the multiplex, ticket sales have also started.

This is probably the first time that a Nepali film has been shown. Performed in the New Year, ‘A Mero Hazur 3’ did a good business.

Producer Sunil Kumar Thapa said that the level of making has increased along with the narrative style as compared to his previous series. ‘As we move forward with filmmaking, the standard has also increased.

We understand the importance of audience time and money, ”he said. He claimed that the movie will not disappoint the audience who come to the hall to watch the movie.

Actor Anmol KC also said that as the tickets for the film are already open, he can watch the film at any time. ‘The show of the film has opened. Tickets can be purchased.

You can watch your film on time, ‘said Anmol. “It’s an audience that evaluates what we’ve done. Advice, suggestions and encouragement will always be expected, ‘said Director Thapa. العاب اونلين She said that it is equally important with the audience to make Nepali film competitive in the world. رهان (فيلم هندي)

The film stars Anmol and Suhana Thapa along with Salon Basnet, Rare Rai and Ravi Giri. The film has Sanjay Lama as the cinematographer, Himal KC as the conflict, Ramji Lamichhane and Kaviraj Gahatraj as the choreographer. ما هو الديلر

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