Saturday, March 25

Due to KP Oli, the country’s development fell after 25 years: Congress leader Poudel

Kathmandu: Nepali Congress central member Pradip Poudel has accused the country of falling behind after 25 years due to the UML. العاب كوتشينة He was speaking at a seminar on economic consolidation-political cleansing organized by Shankardev Campus on Tuesday.

He blamed the KP Oli for the country’s development after 25 years. Referring to the construction of Arun III project, he said, “UML stopped the Arun III project in 1951 BS. If the project had not been stopped, it would have been completed in 1956 BS. Today, we would not be in a position to buy electricity from India. Due to KP oligarchy, Nepal’s development has lagged behind for 25 years. اونو عكس

He also said that the Congress should go to the people with the policy and plan of political cleansing and production in the upcoming election. He said that the democratic system has been established in the country and the way forward should be economic development and quality development and the Nepali Congress should also lead it. الكينو

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