Saturday, March 25

Wrestling at Bhrikuti Mandap affected CPN-S meeting, Madhav waiting on Nepal stage

Kathmandu. A public meeting organized by CPN-S at Bhrikuti Mandap today has been affected by a wrestling competition. فريق السيتي Wrestling, which is being organized near the public meeting place, was inaugurated by Madhav Nepal, Chairman of CPN-S. However, the meeting started only after 2:30 pm.

The International Wrestling Championship 2022 is being held in the ring built near the meeting place. The public meeting was also delayed as the speakers of both the programs were linked to each other. Nepal had inaugurated the wrestling competition at around 1 o’clock. إدين هازارد سامي هازارد He sat on the stage for about 10 minutes watching Wrestling. جنية اون لاين After waiting on the stage for about an hour and a half, the meeting has been started by stopping the wrestling.

The organizers of the wrestling competition had already booked this place. Later, the CPN (Maoist) also organized the same program. After the delay in the commencement of the party’s program, the CPN (Maoist) cadres also forgot about wrestling. Sapna Majhi and Manisha Bhat have won the opening match.

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