Thursday, March 30

Brother suspends, brother investigates – from Governor to Bharatpur, this is the best connection.

Kathmandu. After the Supreme Court judge sent a message on WhatsApp in the morning, some facts are being found that the attack on NRB Governor Mahaprasad Adhikari was planned. العاب تربح المال However, UML leader Gokul Baskota had leaked information that Finance Minister Janardan Sharma would attack the governor on Friday morning to cover up his incompetence. Yesterday, there was talk of a big family against Gokul Baskota against Maha Prasad.

On Friday evening, news came that a committee was formed to investigate the governor and he was suspended. العاب كرة قدم اون لاين He was automatically suspended after a committee of inquiry was formed under the chairmanship of a former Supreme Court judge. مواقع العاب Many do not know if the chairman of the inquiry committee and the finance minister are related.

When it was understood in Jajarkot, Rukum and Dang to confirm the WhatsApp message of the Supreme Court judge, it was decided that it would be Bhandari Dajubhai, the chairman of the inquiry committee formed by Finance Minister Sharma and the Finance Minister. Rukum’s Sharma and Jajarkot’s Bhandari’s grandmothers are sisters.

Sharma calls Bhandari a brother and he has taken advantage of that. The Maoist party has also taken advantage of the relationship between Janardhan and Purushottam. Devi Gyawali had gone to the Supreme Court against the Election Commission for holding re-polling after the ballot papers of Bharatpur were torn in the local elections of 2074 BS.

Gyawali’s demand was to count the votes by adding torn ballot papers. Gyawali’s demand was not heard as the Election Commission was led by the Maoists. After that, the then Attorney General Raman Shrestha asked the then Chief Justice Gopal Parajuli to take the case of Devi Gyawali to the bench of Purushottam Bhandari.

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