Saturday, March 25

All Nepali people are on my side, if other parties do not hope, majority will be assured, alliance will never be formed: Gagan Thapa

General Secretary of the Nepali Congress Gagan Thapa has said that the party should not form an alliance with other parties in the election.I will try to bring the party to my principle of non-coordination in the election, otherwise I will accept the decision of the party, ”said Thapa, who is also a former minister. انشاء محفظة بايير

He reiterated that serious discussions would be held in the central meeting on the alliance with other parties in the election and that the party would move ahead as per its decision. He said, “All the Nepali people are on my side. If other parties do not hope, the majority will be assured. The alliance will never be formed.” You can change it, but it is a sin not to vote for one party or another. ‘He argued that the Congress should win the election alone. General Secretary Thapa urged the leaders and cadres to request the people to vote for the Congress for the next five years.

He said that his party would bring a majority for the next five years to run the system properly and improve the condition of the people. تحميل برنامج الماتش He added, “We have to bring a majority not only in the local but also in the states and the federation. سباق الخيل العالمي

On the occasion, Thapa honored the party’s elected officials at the district, House of Representatives, state assembly constituencies and local levels, while giving active membership to newcomers to the Congress from other parties. The organizers had honored General Secretary Thapa and other elected central members at the 14th General Convention.

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