Saturday, March 25

I spent Rs 60 million in the last election: Shashank

Kathmandu. Former General Secretary of Nepali Congress Dr. عربيه لعبه Shashank Koirala has said that the election is becoming very expensive. He said that he had spent Rs 60 million in the last election due to which.

He said, “I have won three times from Nawalparasi Gaindakot from my constituency.” In the first election, my expenses were 80,000 rupees. 30 million in the second election and 60 million in the last election! فلم سباق السيارات He also said that he was ready to leave if anyone else in the constituency wanted to contest the election.

Koirala said, “I am ready to leave.” You have to spend at least Rs 6-7 crore there, he said. He said that the more people get to know each other, the more expensive the election becomes. ماهي لعبه القمار

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