Thursday, March 30

Mahato, owner of Raman Construction, to run for mayor of Janakpurdham

Janakpurdham. Construction businessman Balram Mahato has announced his candidacy for the post of mayor of Janakpurdham sub-metropolis.Mahato, the owner of Raman Construction, announced his candidacy for the post of mayor at a press conference in Janakpurdham today. جميع المواقع الرياضية

He said that the elected representatives from the political parties had used the local level as a political arena for development rather than development.”Politics is a service,” he said. But those who won from the party used it as a profession rather than a service. I am announcing my candidature with the slogan of electing a Janasek dedicated to local development and not a party leader. توزيع نقاط التعزيز كونكر

He said that his objective is to develop Janakpurdham area and establish it as a model city while maintaining the historical image of the city.Mahato, who has been working in Bharatpur Irrigation Project for about 17 years, established Raman Construction in 2047 BS.

His constructions have recently included construction of Jayanagar-Janakpur railway line, management of sewage and rain water of Janakpur city complex, upgrading of roads, construction of Kamala river control embankment and construction of Jamuni Katah Irrigation Project. دومنا اون لاين

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