Thursday, March 23

The whole country has become amalgamated, let the name of all the women of Nepal be Surya Kumari: Karishma Manandhar

Kathmandu: Actress Karishma Manandhar, who has been the target of a lot of criticism and ‘trolls’ on social media after saying that her newcomer’s name is Surjekumari while addressing Kapil Vastu for the first time after joining the Communist Party of Nepal-UML, has said that she wants all women’s names in Nepal to be Surya Kumari. ‘Don’t you want to hear the truth now?

I am very happy about that. Because they are very worried when they hear my Nawaran’s name? Became very worried I’m glad you thought of me. كازينو اون لاين عربي I ended my name by getting involved in ‘Politics’ and said, ‘Poor Suryakumari Karisma’, there are people who are so worried, I am happy about that too.

So where is my happiness? Again, the ‘comments’ of 4,5 thousand did not reach me, what is said there, – ‘My name is also Suryakumari, my name is also called Suryakumari. I want it to be 10 million comments, isn’t it, ‘My name is also Suryakumari’?

Because half of the 30 million population is female! Karisma, who had the opportunity to speak at a program attended by President KP Sharma Oli last week in Kapilvastu, looked enthusiastic but nervous. She called Vishnu Poudel senior vice president and Shankar Pokhrel senior general secretary. She expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to speak.

“I am a new person in UML. Thank you for talking to the newcomer before you speak. From here, it is clear how big the heart of this party is. Here newcomers are given a chance. عدد الدومينو Here women are given a chance. That is why the CPN (UML) has been formed, ‘said Karisma,’ I am quietly impressed. ‘ “Now I am confident that I can contribute to the society,

I have the courage to do something,” she said. At the end of her short speech, she made a new revelation. الكازينو “I felt like revealing something,” she said. “My niece’s name is Surjekumari.” The sun will feed Nepal. Lalsalam. ‘Concluding her speech, Karisma chanted slogans like’ CPN-UML is alive ‘,’ KP Oli is alive ‘and’ Vote Kema Suryama ‘.

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