Thursday, March 30

Ringage’s voice broadcasting system, the same information can be given to thousands of phones at once

Information technology company Ringage Pvt. Ltd. has unveiled a new voice based communication service ‘Voice Broadcasting System’. The service, which is being operated under the technical coordination of Vauxhall Pvt. vip arab casino , Is the first commercial launch in Nepal, said Dipesh Regmi, chairman of Ringage.

In simple terms, the Voice Broadcasting System is a technology that transmits the same recorded message to thousands of phone numbers at the same time. According to Regmi, the service has come as a sophisticated version of the existing bulk SMS system as a voice calling system. دينجو

It is also called voice SMS. The service was effectively tested at the general convention of political parties a few months ago, said Regmi. Candidates at the General Convention used this service to solicit votes from delegates.

According to Regmi, the service will be very effective not only for soliciting votes in the election but also for providing information about the products, services and activities of any company or organization, disseminating information about banking services and inviting people to worship and banquets.

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