Thursday, March 23

Government of Nepal has built an electric scooter that can run 50 kilometers on a single charge

According to the price set by the Nepal Oil Corporation in Kathmandu, the current price of a liter of petrol is Rs 160. The price of petroleum products has been rising in the international market. In such a situation, huge sums of money are being spent on petroleum products. كازينو دبي On top of that, the number of people driving their own vehicles in cities and urban areas is increasing year by year. The situation has to be resolved.

Due to the Corona wreck, the economy is gradually weakening, but as fuel prices continue to rise, the effects are becoming a factor in the economic crisis for every household. However, the government has been promoting the use of electric vehicles. In the current year’s budget, only one percent customs duty has been imposed on the import of electric vehicles. Gradually, citizens have started promoting the use of electric vehicles.

However, the lack of a charging station in a suitable place and the unavailability of vehicles such as petroleum products are also creating obstacles. Has come Most of the establishments in Nepal have tried to give a new message by constructing electric scooters amid complaints that they have not been able to work effectively and are not engaged in research. كأس العالم للكريكيت 2022

Claiming to be a model suitable for the soil and roads of Nepal, the foundation has paved the way for those who want to produce scooters by setting up a factory. The foundation has already informed the Ministry of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation about the scooter. It is scheduled to be inaugurated in the presence of Energy Minister Pampha Bhusal in a few days. Both China and India have made great strides in the manufacture of electric vehicles. كاس اليورو 2022

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