Saturday, March 25

Why was Durgesh Thapa’s scene removed from ‘A Mero Hazur 4’?

Singer and model Durgesh Thapa, who has been linked to the Shah case, has suffered another blow. Thapa has been removed from a song in the film ‘A Mero Hazur 4’. According to a source, the production unit has been forced to remove a club song with Durgesh’s voice from the film due to the same incident. افلام سرقة سيارات .

Durgesh, who was seen in the role of a rapper, was removed from the scene by the production team for fear of negative reaction from the audience. The production team has already recorded the song in the voice of rapper Sudip Bhandari 9G Bob in his place. لعب قمار The film starring Anamol KC, Suhana Thapa and Salon Basnet is being released on April 22 on the occasion of New Year. Directed by Jharna Thapa and produced by Sunil Kumar Thapa.

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