Saturday, March 25

Australia sends १५ 150 million aid to Ukraine, sends three military armored vehicles

After Kathmandu and the United States, Australia has also pledged about 150 million US dollars to Ukraine. More than 40 days after Russia invaded Ukraine, Australia announced its support. Australia has said it will send three armored military trucks to Ukraine to fight Russia. Such trucks will make it easier for the public to move from war-torn areas to safer places. كازينو 888 بالعربي Such vehicles will be used in war. Jelensky addressed a video conference in the Australian Parliament last week.

Astelia is the 20th country that Jelensky has talked about. شركة بي اوت كيو The money Australia will provide will be spent on military equipment along with humanitarian aid. According to the BBC, the government has locked the main gate of Hotel Anand inside Pashupati Dharamsala. The Pashupati Area Development Fund has locked the main gate of the hotel run by Batas Group.

The government has locked the main gate of Hotel Anand inside the Nepal-India Friendly Dharamsala on Friday. كريستيانو رونالدو تواريخ الانضمام However, the wind group stopped the fund team at the main gate and did not allow them to enter. The fund has informed that the locks have to be locked for fear of losing the goods inside the hotel.

After the hotel staff did not allow the staff of the fund to enter, the fund locked the outer gate and returned the notice. There was a dispute between the officials of the fund and the hotel staff on Friday. Earlier on Thursday, Tourism Minister Prem Bahadur Ale had reached Dharamsala along with the officials of the fund. Even then, the staff of Batas Group had obstructed them.

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