Thursday, March 23

This government should be overthrown immediately, otherwise the country will be pushed towards ruin: Chairman Oli

Kathmandu: Chairman of the main opposition party CPN-UML KP Sharma Oli has claimed that the country will be pushed towards ruin if the current government remains in power. Addressing the second national general convention of the National Federation of Nepali Industries and Business on Wednesday, Chairman Oli said that there was no possibility of investment in the country at present and if the current government remained in power, the country would be pushed towards ruin.

He said that the country was in crisis as the banks did not have money to invest. When starting any new industry or business, you have to take a loan from a bank. تركس Now there is no possibility for new investment because the bank cannot give money. بطوله امم اوروبا 2023 The bank is not in a position to give money. If this government does not collapse immediately, immediately, immediately, it will push the country towards ruin for as long as it lasts. ‘

Chairman Oli also scoffed at the coalition government collapsing. He made it clear that they would not try to overthrow the government. jack pot city He said that the UML was focusing on the election and not on the government. It falls. We are not trying to overthrow this government.

That is why we are not paying any attention to the government now. We are paying attention to the election. ”Chairman Oli also instructed the leaders and cadres to work hard for the party till the local level election.

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