Thursday, March 30

The habit of biting leads to the problem of such dangerous diseases

Some people have a habit of biting their nails. لعب على الانترنت It is common for children to have this habit. However, young or old people are biting their nails. The habit of biting nails is bad. Therefore, parents should teach their children not to bite their nails. The habit of biting their nails is feared to spread various types of infections.

Problems that can be caused by nail biting: Bleeding: When biting the nail, the skin near the nail is frequently scratched. As a result of which there is bleeding and also extreme pain. Intestinal worms: As the dirt from the nails enters the intestines through the mouth, its first effect is on the intestines.

There is a possibility of getting worms in the stomach through the dirt in the nails. Breath odor: Bacteria accumulate in the mouth of a person who bites a lot of nails and there is a problem of bad breath. Bacteria are the main cause of bad breath in people who have a habit of biting their nails even if they brush their teeth in the morning and in the evening. Blisters may appear in the mouth. Doctors have also said that the virus can be transmitted to human papilloma through mice. This virus is the cause of cervical cancer.

Chemicals in the body: If a woman wearing nail polish has a habit of biting her nails, there is a danger of various chemicals in the polish entering the body. Unnecessary chemicals can cause a variety of problems. Nails may be crooked. Some people’s nails can be permanently damaged, even if they are removed after the problem of nail biting has stopped.

Skin Infections: People who bite their nails get a skin infection called paronychia. This infection affects the skin around the nails. كازينو البحرين There is a risk of redness of the nails and swelling of the flesh around the nails. بلوت Echoes, which spread infections such as cholera and diarrhea, are more likely to be transmitted through the viscera.

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