Saturday, March 25

Allu Arjun pays fine for breaking traffic rules

Actor Allu Arjun, who has been in the news for his recent film ‘Pushpa’, has been fined for violating traffic rules in real life. The traffic police has fined him for not complying. برنامج البوكر كشف الاوراق كونكر اون لاين Allu Arjun, who was riding a luxury car Range Rover worth Rs 25 million, was fined by the traffic police for putting black glass in his car.

He was stopped by the police at a busy center in Hyderabad and released only after removing the black glass from the vehicle and cutting off the vehicle. Even though it is not allowed to wear black glass in cars in India, movie stars do wear it. لعبة الخيل عبر الانترنت Even in Nepal, it is considered illegal to ride a private car with black glass. نتائج اليورو 2023

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