Sunday, September 24

Give the responsibility of building the country to the Congress for the next five years: We will make the country a big change: Gagan Thapa

Nepali Congress General Secretary Gagan Thapa has said that the task of building the country for the next five years should be given to the Congress. “We have seen the communists rule for five years. رموس If the country is to be built, the Nepali people must give responsibility to the Congress for five years,”

he told a party meeting in Kohalpur, Banke. Stating that various debates are going on within the party regarding the upcoming election, he said that there is a feeling among the general cadres that the Congress should face the election alone.”

There is a feeling among the party workers that they should be allowed to vote in the next election, but we also need to make a commitment that we will not vote in the next election,” he said. He said that the confusion created by the communists about the MCC had spread from village to village, adding that the Congress had started explaining the real issue to the people.

“We have seen the character of a communist who works and speaks,” Thapa said. كيف اربح فلوس He said that even small children are being misunderstood due to misconceptions about MCC. صور كونكر He explained that MCC is just a simple project for Nepal and it will help Nepal financially by generating electricity.

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